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reading club program-policies.doc For your information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Krista or Kiran.


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Thank you for leading a reading club! We do need some paperwork from you on a monthly basis, so you can find it here if you need a copy. These should be turned in the first week of the month. Thanks for your help with this,  it is important to our funders as well as for our own records. reading-club-paperwork.doc

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everydayheroes.jpg by the Wednesday night Union City Class

This is a book of true stories about real people who started life hard, but with hard work, they turned their lives around. You just might find a story that you can relate to—many of us in this class did. The book includes lots of different people of all  races and nationalities telling their stories about growing up, and how they changed their lives, and how they have survived and had success. You will find that the people in the story had problems too, but they didn’t give up. The stories are short, and you can find a lot to talk about.

 We think the book is a good book for adult reading classes because the level was not too hard and all the stories were true. The book can encourage people. You might be inspired to become a better person because you can see from the stories that life is what you make it. A lot of the people in the stories were heroes because they didn’t just help themselves, they also started to help other people who had the same struggles. The book was really well written, and it keeps you going, you don’t want to stop reading! We would say the level is easy to medium hard. There may be some words you don’t know, but you can learn new word from the stories. If there are words you don’t know how to read, you can skip it, and try to figure it out from the rest of the sentence. You can also ask about the new words in class.  In our class, we all had different favorite stories from this book, and we think you will too after you read it! 

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