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I like the memoir because George Dawson never gave up his dream to read and write. George was born in the late 1800’s. His parents were not slaves, but his grandparents were once slaves. George was raised in Texas. His family was poor, and he never attended school. Georges started working at a very young age, drawing water from the well each morning for the house. George worked alongside his father in the fields. The work was hard, so was their life. They had to watch what they said and went in fear of the K.K.K. Twelve year old George went to work, and stayed with a white family to help out at home. His cousins came to live with his family because their parents died, so George was needed at home. George left home at twenty-one and worked in Tennessee building levees. It was two years before he returned back home.Life is So Good is a story about George Dawson’s dreams of receiving mail, learning to read and write at the age of ninety-eight, and his work ethic. I can relate to George’s hard work and his work ethic. I beleive in hard work and doing it right the first time.

This book is sad and tells of struggles he had to go through. It is not easy reading at first because the chapters jumped around. But overall, it is a good book to read.


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The Pact is about three young men who lived in the projects around drugs and peer pressure from old friends who did not want anything out of life. So George and Sam and Rameck made a pact to go to college. The young men had positive people in their lives, like a teacher, a friend’s father, and a dentist. I would recommend this book to other people because the book tells how three young men made a pact with one another not to let peer presure rule their lives. They went to college and gave back to the neighborhood. They are all doctors and a dentist. They had some disappointments in their lives, but they made it. This is a true story.

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Dragonwings is a good book to read because you have a good feeling to know someone’s dream came true, like Moonshadow’s father’s dream. Moonshadow is a young man. When he was just […], he had a chance to join his father who he had never seen before in the United States. He went through a difficult time passing immigration. This book talks about how Chinese people settled down in Chinatown and the experience in 1906 with the big earthquake in San Francisco, and then how Moonshadow and his father relocated to Oakland. Moonshadow’s father is a good kite maker, and he has a fabulous dream to make a flying machine. Moon Shadow writes a letter to the Wrights telling them how his father likes to fly too, and wishes they can help him. The father’s dream came true when he made a flying machine in 1909. Lawrence Yep’s historical novels shows rich traditions and the culture of the Chinese community. I will recommend this book to people who are American born Chinese because they can learn from this book about how difficult it was for their ancesters to get into this country, and how they worked so hard and how they survived in white society, so they will appreciate them. Overall it is a good book to read, I just have some words that were hard to understand for me, maybe because they are too old fashioned.

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We want to welcome seven new volunteer tutors to the Write to Read Adult Literacy Program who will be working at several Alameda County library branches. They attended a Saturday, November 3rd training in the morning (Reading Clubs) and afternoon (one-on-one) facilitated by our Write to Read teachers and tutor coordinators, Krista Shaffer and Kiran Malavade. Thank you very much for your participation, especially to June Coffeen and Helen Flaherty who will be starting the first Reading Clubs in Castro Valley and Dublin branch libraries.

 If you are interested in becoming a tutor, call Write to Read at (510) 745-1480

New Reading Club tutors June Coffeen-Castro Valley

Helen Flaherty–Dublin

Linda Alpers–Newark

New 1-1 tutors

Brian Goodman

Candy Montalvo

June Coffeen

Hanna Szoke

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reading-clubs-what-if-questions.doc  reading-clubs-idioms-quiz-2-1.doc  reading-clubs-idioms-quiz-1-1.doc  reading-clubs-flash-cards-word-exercise-2.doc  activity1.doc  Here are some of Sanju’s activities that she used in her reading club, both as conversation starters and as ways to build her students’ vocabulary. 

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 I think that this is a good book to read. This book tells about several children that go to a school in the early 1900’s in the Colorado Mountains.There is one teacher that teaches several grades. There are two students who are ready to graduate, but the teacher has some bad news, that she has to go back home to take care of her mother that is very ill. So she cannot continue teaching class even though the semester is almost over. There is a man that is called Mr. Jordan. He owns a store and is also the head of the local school board. He decides that the school will be closed for the rest of the semester since there is no time to find a substitute teacher, which upsets the students because they’re supposed to take the school exit test. This way they will know if they will go to high school. One of the students is very smart when it comes to electronic things, and his name is Tom. And then there is Ida. Ida wants to be a teacher so she really wants to take her exit test. So one day Tom and Ida start talking about how to keep the school open so they can all attend school. They come up with a plan that Ida will be the teacher. So they can take the exit test, and everybody will be able to learn. So Ida becomes the teacher and continues teaching where Miss Fletcher left off. She thought that being a teacher would be an easy thing to do. She had to make the class assignments and also check them as well. Plas she also needed to make sure she taught herself as well. This went went for some time. Then Mr. Jordan finds out and calls a board meeting to let the parents know what Ida was doing.If you enjoy reading what I wrote, you may want to check out this book. It’s a good book to read. It shows how if you set your mind to something that you want, and if you do not give up trying, then one day you can say, “I did it.”

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Reading this book, My Life in Dog Years was an OK book. You read all the different dogs’ stories. What every dog’s personality is, and what the dog does with him. Some stories are very interesting. It is an easy book to read. If you like reading about dogs, this book has all kinds of good stories.

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