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Day 36 in Our Efforts to Maintain Library Funding

Thank you for your efforts to restore library funding to the state budget! Sacramento is listening, but we can’t stop now. While the budget subcommittee hearings are done, our work is far from over.

Please continue to contact your elected officials in the districts where you live AND in the district where you work! Emphasize how valuable resource sharing is to your community. Continue to let them know how libraries are helping Californians find work. Click here to write your letter today! If you have an extra minute, send a letters to the leadership of both houses. Click here to find the leader for your area.

Please focus on the impact that the loss of these programs will have on their constituents and on the loss of equity of access to Californians.

It is premature to discuss what budget figures libraries are willing to accept. Please avoid this! Mike Dillon and Christina Dillon DiCaro continue to meet with key legislators and would be delighted to meet with any of your legislators to further discuss the issues and possible scenarios.

Your reports on meetings in your districts and at library or community functions are quite valuable. If you need additional information or numbers for an elected official, don’t hesitate to ask. Mike, Christina, CLA staff and the Legislative Committee are happy to help.

Keep those calls, emails and letters coming! If you need additional information please visit the Legislative & Advocacy page on the CLA website.

Thank you!

Deborah Doyle
Chair, CLA Legislative & Advocacy Committee


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