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Adult Basic Education Instructor

For 2013-14 sessions (Fall, Winter-Spring)

Start on September 16, 2013

Alameda County Library’s Write to Read Adult Literacy Program

Goal: Teach one basic adult education course in Fremont at the Alameda County Library’s community literacy program. The emphasis of the class is reading and writing.

Class instruction: One two-hour class each week. Class is held in the evening from 6-8 pm. There may be a second evening class available.


  1. Instruct a small group of learners (8-15) on basic skills practice such as reading, pre-writing,  writing, spelling, and vocabulary building, while encouraging and motivating them to improve their skills and help each other as learning peers.
  2. Organize basic adult education lesson plans for a 12-15 week courses. Lessons      available.
  3. Compile outstanding student writing for inclusion in a program anthology.
  4. Maintain accurate  records of participants’ attendance and progress.
  5. Provide teacher’s feedback for students’ future educational needs.
  6. Create a community of learners that is participatory and highly conducive to learning.

Join a vibrant and growing literacy program in Southern Alameda County that focuses on small group learning and peer education. Class sessions are from September to December, and January to May.

Candidate must provide a resume and must have experience in teaching adult basic education courses for at least two years. This is not an ESL class. Candidate must have computer skills and a track record of using multiple modes of learning to work with underserved, culturally diverse adult populations.

Candidate must be fluent in English, a good listener, a facilitator of learning, patient, organized and creative in order to motivate adult learners to move beyond their learning challenges and become active citizens.  An adult education credential, knowledge of critical pedagogy, and contextualized learning is preferred, but not required. Additional classes may be assigned depending on need.  Summer sessions may be available. The compensation is $100 per two-hour class.

Proof of auto liability insurance is required by the library.

Start date is September 16, 2013. Open until filled.

Contact Dr. Luis Kong, Write to Read Adult Literacy Program Manager, for more information. (510) 745-1484, lkong@aclibrary.org . View our program blog at: www.write2read.wordpress.com



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